Monday, September 18, 2006

Patricia Carli

Born 12/03/1942, Taranto, Italy.

Patricia was an Italian yé-yé girl, who used to live in Belgium, before moving to France in 1963. Signed to the Bel-Air label, she got a hit with her second EP 'Demain Tu Te Maries'. Her song 'Non ho l'eta' per amarti' was entered in the 1964 Eurovision Song Contest and won the grand prize at the San Remo Festival in the same year. After recording a handful of singles, Patricia, who wrote most of her own material, stopped performing and became a successful writer for other singers (Nicoletta, Dalida, Claude Francois, Annabel Buffet...)

Patricia Carli - Le Lion
Patricia Carli - L'amour En Cage
Patricia Carli - Demain Tu Te Maries



Hello Sofie
Great songs these from a great artiste.
I see from comments at schlocker that you have not been well lately.
Heres hoping you will soon be back on top of the world and posting great music.

Lush said...

Hey yeyeohyeah, glad to hear from you - long time - no comments ;)
Thank you so much, im feeling better, I just got a heavy cold. Any music-wishes? I bought a load of yé-yé records.

Bruno said...

Hi Sofie,I see that lying in bed with chocolates and watching TCM (what are your favorites?) has brought out the best in you!Some great posts here! Hope you get well soon!

Lush said...

Oh well, I'm doing my best ;)Bought a lot of records, cd's and I have nothing else to do.
Do you want me to list my fav movies? You must be crazy :-)

italianbeat said...

Hi, I'm italian, maybe the city in which she is been born is "Taranto", there is not a city with the name of "Toranto" in Italy.

Lush said...

Thank you Italianbeat, I've corrected it.. good to see some italians here ;)

james said...


There's a mistake I think: "non ho l'età" was sung by Gigliola Cinquetti, not by Patricia Carli...

Ravel,Montreal,Quebec said...

I had the chance to find a Patricia Carli 45 EP a few years ago and bought it just out of curiosity. Je Suis A Toi was a nice discovery then.
Demain Tu Te Maries was covered here by Ginette Ravel, adding more drama to the song. Yet, I hadn't heard it with by Carli. ;-)
Thanx for posting it!