Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It was a game of words between the initials of Tim, Nelly and Tony; the names of the members of this excellent trio.
They were of Italian origin, but were discovered when they performed in Uruguay. In 1960 they made a contract with RCA. Their first LP sold more than 100,000 discs single in Argentina, in addition to being success in Mexico and most of South America.

Los TNT - Tu Loca Juventud
Los TNT - Que Tengas Suerte

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Hi Sofie
Thanks for this musical education of another group thats new to me.
I enjoyed them both but in my opinion by far the best song is the second one by them.
This may seem an odd request but do you have The Italian sung version of Telstar by the great Caterina Valente in your collection i know it is unlikely but it is worth me asking you although i know it isn/t really ye ye.