Friday, December 15, 2006

Danish Delights: Gitte

Happy birthday yesterday Jane Birkin (60) .. and Happy Birthday to me today (2*) ;)

Gitte Hænning Johansson was born 1946 in Denmark. She started in show business at a very early age, 6 while touring and recording together with her father Otto. In the 60´s Gitte recorded many songs in both Danish, Swedish and German and she became an international star both as singer and actor.

Reposts songs .. + a few new...I know R and Yeyeohyeah will be very happy!

Gitte - Jeg snakker med mig selv (I'm talking to myself) (My favourite)
Gitte - I've told every little star
Gitte - Ønsk mig tillykke (Cliff Richard -Congratulations)
Gitte - Flirt
Gitte - Tag med ud Å fisk (Let's go fishing)
Gitte - Drøm en lille drøm om mig (Mama Cass - Dream a little dream of me)



Well hello Sofie
I think some big thanks are in order from me for this fine posting.
I love all the tracks and my favourite is I've Told Every Little Star as i have always liked this song and it is the first time i have heard Gitte sing that song In English and it's great.
Nice choice of picture too taken at a time when she was stunningly beautiful.
Finally happy birthday, enjoy yourself as you have done your good deed for the day with this post.(I stopped counting birthdays when 40 hit me one day)

Anonymous said...

what an amazing voice - thanks so much for posting this :)

Anonymous said...


Very insteresting blog, full of oldies.

I've a blog too:
in french!

Anonymous said...

The Downloading Doesn't Work

Kate said...

I can't get the downloads to work either. Am I already too late??

Happy belated birthday!

Lush said...

mydatabus is having problems, if it dosnt work by tomorrow I will upload the files on ohshare

Kate said...

I got it to work -- my download accelerator doesn't seem to find the file, but if I just start the download anyway it shows up.


Bruno said...

Happy b-day! I know this is waay too late but hey i'm a confused little twit! :)

Sam Siskind said...

hey could you maybe reupload some of these? thank you

Anonymous said...

Please Please get the link up on the Gitte version of "Congratulations"Have been looking for this version for around 15 years
Please help
Thanks from Justin in the UK

Anonymous said...