Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Danish Delights (7)

Jørgen Ingmann - Apache

Someone requested this a long time ago, so here it is!

Jørgen Ingmann, originally a jazz guitarist from Denmark, also produced a cover version of Apache that, billed to Jørgen Ingmann & His Guitar, made it to number 2 on the US pop chart and 4 in Canada in 1961, thereby preventing the Shadows' original from charting there.
A real classic.


Anonymous said...

To complete the info, this Jorgen Ingmann won 3 years later with "Dansevise" the eurovision song contest for Denemark with his sister Grethe.
And the original of Apache is from Bert Weedon.
Keep it up! We love you.

Dansmoncafe said...

Grethe was his wife ;-)

Anonymous said...

right. sorry.