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Interview with a yé-yé girl; Jacqueline Taïeb

Interview with a yé-yé girl; Jacqueline Taïeb
Copyrighted by Sofie J, thanks.

This is a mail interview, so I am in lack of abilities. Hope you bear over with that, and I am looking forward to hopefully meet Miss Taïeb in a near future and do a complete interview with her.

Tunesian born Jacqueline composed her first songs aged 12 and recorded her first disc "7 heures du matin" for Impact records when she was 18. Her songs combined Arab, European and American influences. Her sixties ep's are highly prized for their garage sound. With her strong vocals, and talent for pop melodies, Jaqueline's songs are real gems that still sound fresh today.

The Beginning
‘Music caught my soul before I was born’.
It was summer of 1966. Jacqueline was playing her guitar with her friends when a showbiz woman heard her singing ‘7 heures du matin’ (which later became her giant breakthrough). She immediately saw the talent and opportunities in her, and gave Jacqueline her card.
Afterwards Jacqueline went to see her in Paris, and she was introduced to the team she was going to work with.

'I wish I had Paul McCartney, to help me... '
The rest is history. 7 Heures du Matin was a hit, and still has a cult status of a real yé-yé to this this very day.
‘I think the success of this song is the result of a total identification to it. Waking up at 7 AM is a torture for so many people. Jean Bouchetty, who produced all my sixties vinyl & the English musicians who played on them added the final touch of rock rebellion.’

True, the song is about a teenage girl (clearly herself) getting-up in the morning to do her thing, but also dreaming of idol Paul McCartney helping her with her English homework.
- ‘I 'm still a Paul McCartney fan & now I’d love him to help me write my songs!’

The Writer
After that, she took a break from her career and began to write for other musicians. Famous artists such as Yves Montand, Michel Fugain, Fabrienne Thibault and Stone have all sung Taieb’s songs. The list goes on. However, she does not feel any pride.
- ‘I only feel joy. Besides, how could I choose one song over another? They all are my children.’

However, that is not completely true. In 1988, she wrote the international hit ‘Ready to follow you’, sung by Dana Dawson. The single sold more than 500.000 copies, and the album 300.000 in France. Furthermore, the song has been released in more than 30 compilations.
- ‘When I think it over, then yes I am proud of that: ‘Maybe because it was I who discovered her in New York in 1988, while the other artists were already very famous.’

This April, Jacqueline played a live gig in Amsterdam Beat Club. But how is it to play a 40-year old tune? Moreover, discovering to still have so many fans?
‘The Amsterdam gig was great! People are so friendly & crazy in Holland.
I love this mixture. Yes, it did surprise me! Having so many friends all over the world makes my heart sing.’

And what music makes her heart sing?
- ‘So many different artists! Rock, blues, R&B, jazz, funk... Everything from Yves Montand, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, and Edith Piaf to present music like Alicia Keys, Keane and Eminem (!)

Last year she released a new album called ‘Jacqueline is back’, including ten new songs, the famous ‘7 heures du matin’ and a hilarious new version of it with John Lenine.
Jacqueline calls her new album ‘Pop with crazy lyrics’.

The Future
- ‘Right now I’m working for Maréva, ex miss France who released " Ukuyéyé " in June 2006, including " 7 h du mat" & " On roule à 160", 2 songs of mine.’

Following the success at the Beat Club in Amsterdam, she was booked for another gig at the club, on September 23rd.

And not only that, there will be a big surprise for the 40th birthday of " 7 h du mat" in January 2007:
An EP with 7 heures du soir, 7 PM, Partir à Amsterdam and Juste un peu d' amour.

Download the music:
Jacqueline Taïeb - 7 Heures Du Matin
Jacqueline Taïeb - 7:AM (English version)

Buy her music
Jacqueline Taïeb - Complete Masterworks of French Mademoiselle
French Mademoiselle
Jacqueline Taïeb Is Back!
Dana Dawson

Jacqueline Taïebs official website
Dana Dawson website
Amsterdam Beat Club


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Wonderful job, Lush!

I'm curious - if you know... how successful was 7 heures? Do you know how high it placed in the French charts?

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Great interview. I have always had an interest in her. great Job.

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Nice interview!

See you in Amsterdam maybe or should we all pop up to Kobenhavn at the Mau Mau club? :)

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Thanks for sharing this! Great work. I love Jacqueline's voice.

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Good work, Lush. I'm curious to hear that new version of 7 heures


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Merci pour ce bal interview de mon amie Jacqueline Taïeb...

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