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Petula Clark

Petula Clark, (born November 15, 1932), is an English singer, actress and composer, best known for her upbeat popular international hits of the 1960s. Remember "Downtoown, things will be great when you're dooowntooown"? Sure you do. Yep that's her. She lived in France for some years, before she got her global breakthrough. I'm really not into her English stuff, but the French - wowzie it's great!

Petula wrote this song as a James Bond theme, apparently disappointed that she wasn't given the chance to do such a theme. It's no secret that I love James Bond music, but this song just isn't for Bond - it's too uptempo and fun - but still love it though! (I have no idea what the male puke sounds is about, maybe it's suppose to sound like a fight?)
Update: Thanks to Le Chpoum, we now have the English translation of the song. Go to the comments and try to follow the lyrics while playing the song. I did that, and I like it even more now!

Petula Clark - L'agent secret

Credit and more info: Wikipedia


Le Chpoum ! said...

hi !

the male puke sounds are sounds effects of men dying in many ways (poison, stabbing...)

I've tried to translate the song here :

THE SECRET AGENT (in approx. english)

To become a secret agent,
my advice : be discreet,
don't do like 01,
who was found dead in his bath.
(glub glub)

To become a secret agent,
You d'better remain silent,
don't do like 02,
dead with a bullet between the eyes.
(hiss !!!)

To become a secret agent,
you'd better have flair,
look at agent 03,
he's dead taking poison.

To become a secret agent,
you must expect the worse,
look at agent 04,
they've killed him at last.
(ouch ouch ouch !)

To become a secret agent,
you must beware of girls,
05 didn't believe it,
that's why he's been killed.

06, you know it,
he's already been murdered,
with a great knife,
he's been stabbed in the back.
(stab ! ouch !)

The best secret agent,
I think he's a film actor
take a good look at 6+1,
yes it is 7, you're counting well.


He became a star,
in movies that are box office success,
he's the only one alive,
sure he's the best !


...and here are the french lyrics :


Pour être un agent secret,
un conseil soyez discret,
ne faites pas comme 01
qu'on a trouvé mort dans son bain.

Pour être un agent secret,
il vaut mieux rester muet,
ne faites pas comme 02,
mort d'une balle entre les deux yeux.
(fiiiiiiizzz !!!)

Pour être un agent secret,
il vaut mieux avoir du nez
voyez l'agent 03,
c'est le poison qui l'emporta.

Pour être un agent secret,
au pire il faut s'exposer,
voyez l'agent 04,
ils ont bien fini par l'abattre.
(bim ! ouie ! aie !)

Pour être un agent secret,
des filles il faut se méfier
05 ne l'a pas cru,
c'est pour ça qu'il fut descendu.

06 vous le savez,
lui aussi fut liquidé
il avait un grand couteau,
bien planté au milieu du dos.
(clang !)

Le meilleur agent secret,
je crois qu'il fait du ciné
regardez bien 6+1,
oui ça fait 7 vous comptez bien.

Il est devenu vedette,
dans les films qui font recette,
c'est le seul qui n'est pas mort,
c'est vraiment lui le plus fort !

Lush said...

wow thank you so much!!! I like the song even better now :-) again, thanks!

Le Chpoum ! said...

don't mention it.

If you like 60's french songs about James Bond, here's another by Henri Salvador (though it's not as good as Pet's...)

Sorry, I don't know how to link directly (wherever it's possible...)

Anonymous said...

marvelous, indeed, specially with the lirics!

Michael Vee

Anonymous said...

You can find Sheila´s Version on ebay:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your blog is a jewel. It's a pleasure to read your posts. :)

MarkO said...

Great track! Just picked up the 50-track La Beat en Français comp, this is one of the better tracks on there.

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Anonymous said...

kan iemand mij vertellen hoe het liedje heet dat petula naar haar operatie aan borstkanker zong ?